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Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 NFL Free Agency

The Jaguars should empty "The Bank" as the call Everbank field and bring in Julius Thomas. No other player or position would make as great an impact on this team. From the people I've heard speak of him in private conversations speak of him highly. This is my plea to the Jags, Shad Khan, Dave, and Gus come on fellas. I'm excited about Tuesday. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Warriors Clippers Game 2

The Warriors act like this game was a lost cause for most of the game. Based on the league saying they missed a call last game that would seem reasonable. Golden State needs to get a game on their home court and beat the daylights out the Clippers and the league in game 3.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Reason The Jaguars Should Draft Teddy Bridgewater

The reason Jacksonville Jaguars should draft Teddy Bridgewater is because he is the most pro ready quarterback in the draft. The reason his draft stock has dropped in the last month is because he had a awful pro day. The reason he had a horrible pro day could be because he didn't wear his gloves. I watched highlights and games of most of the other quarterback in the top of the draft. They all did not make quick decisions with the football. Another issue most of the other quarterbacks have are timing routes with their receivers and hitting their receivers in stride. The other quarterbacks tend to make the receivers adjust to the ball. The greats put the ball either where only the receivers can get it or hit them in stride so they do not have to slow down to make the catch allowing yards after catch. This is where Bridgewater separates him self from the pack.  Bridgewater has the ability to make quick reads and not make receivers adjust to his throws as often as the others.  They should take him no matter who is on the board; because he is the only franchise quarterback in the draft.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Madden 25 Review

So far I would go as far as to say it's the best Madden I've played since 05. The hit stick works correctly receivers run routes that make since. Also precision passing work correctly. Kick returns are a too easy is the only real flaw I've noticed so far. There are some extremely good offenses in the game. Defense basically so for for me has been keep them in front then try to stop at red zone unless they make a mistake. I'm not giving out tips this year since no one ever commented on my old tips. So far with my new scheme I've been pretty dominate hopefully it will win me a free copy of Madden 25 Monday night. Defense will be tough to invent this year to slow down potent offenses. I do see some new stuff on D though that is giving me hope for the time being.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

NCAA 2014 Review

So far I like the new NCAA there is no defense but there has never been defense in NCAA Football. I like how the receivers interact with the side line and how defenders are allowed to adjust receivers routes. Running is tough because your blockers really get in your way. That is realistic but hard to learn to adjust too. Overall I would rate the game better than last years Madden but I dislike last years Madden on offense. It just did not fit my style of playing football video games. Hopefully NCAA 14 is a precursor to some improvements we will see in Madden 25. I love some plays I saw in defense in the game. I don't by NCAA because the last one I bought I never played again the day after Madden came out. I like where the game is headed. Hopefully Madden headed that same direction when it comes to receiver route running.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fantasy Football Thoughts For 2014 About Jimmy Graham and Others

I do not believe in drafting tight ends early in drafts however one man is a exception this year. Jimmy Graham with Gronk being injured and Aaron Hernandez in jail his value becomes amazingly high in my mind. I would be willing to consider picking him up at the end of the first round. Fantasy football in 2014 will be entertaining my sleeper pick last year that kept me alive in all my leagues is not at the least a solid second rounder Trent Richardson. I'm undecided who my sleeper is this year. Do too living in Jacksonville and most of my draft parties being with Jaguar fans; Dernard Robinson who I would love to pick near the end of my drafts; may already be gone. Back to the Saints I love Rob Ryan as a defensive coordinator and what he did in Dallas. I know he lost his job but he threw a lot of confusing looks at Offenses and that's why the Saints picked him up. I expect the Saints to contend for the NFC next year and at the least make the playoffs. Daren Sproles may have inflated value in drafts but Sean Payton likes to run more than  that offense ran last year so all the Saints running backs intrigue me. Which puts Graham on the field blocking and freeing him up for more receiving yards. I do not see any way barring injury etc. that Jimmy Graham does not have a huge year.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NBA Free Agency and Dwight Howard are a Joke

Lebron James should talk to Dwight Howard about forming a new super team with him and Chris Paul. Because no player in the modern NBA other than Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan are able to win with a team built around them. Don't get me wrong the Lakers have tried Miami's approach a few times back with Karl Malone and Gary Payton at the end of their careers and were not able to pull it off. Then again with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash last year. The Heat could simply trade Bosh for Howard and pick up Chris Paul and make a true free agent dream team. I'm so tired of the BS of free agency in the NBA. At least in the NFL the cap actually works because you need 53 players. In the NBA you need 12 players. A player should have to stay with the team that drafts him if that team is willing to pay that player league maximum pay and end this Bull Crap of players forming there own teams which creates no league parity.